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We hope to see you on one of our environmental education canoe trips!

Please fill out the form carefully so that we can contact you if you are selected to participate.

We will contact you only if you are selected.

Good luck!!!

* First name:
* Last name:
* Address:
* City/Town:
* Province:
* Postal Code:
* Age:
* Email address:
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* First name of parent/guardian:
* Last name of parent/guardian:
Parent/guardian’s Email address:
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* Phone number where parent/guardian can be reached:
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Please describe why you would like to participate in this project and become a Future Leader in the effort to protect Canada’s watersheds.
Maximum 250 words.

If you are selected to participate as a Future Leader on an environmental education canoe trip:

1) The Canadian Canoe Foundation will send you an email and will call your parent/guardian to tell them the good news.

2) We will require proof of your identity, age, and address. We will request this when we talk to your parent/guardian.